The town of Cortegana not only offers cultural events and natural landscapes, but it also has a wide and rich gastronomic offer.

The best-known products are usually those that are based on the Iberian pork, produced in the area, such as high-quality deli meats, fresh meat and all kinds of cooked recipes. In terms of the Iberian ham, Cortegana is one of the 31 places chosen to produce the famous hams and shoulders marked with the Jabugo “Protected Designation of Origin”.

But Cortegana’s gastronomic variety goes far beyond its meat production. Here the characteristic artisan goat cheeses are made, both cured and fresh, known as “quesadas”, smelly cheeses, spreadable cakes or “tortas”, all thanks to several family businesses that have recovered the tradition of goat cheeses, as well as their recipes, and have managed to position themselves among the 50 best in Spain.

On the other hand, in the summertime, Cortegana’s vegetable gardens offer us a great variety of fruits and vegetables, which are usually preserved to be consumed throughout the year and with which delicious dishes are prepared. Another great delicacy of the area are the autochthonous mushrooms, of which there is a great variety, some of the most popular are ‘tanas’ (amanita caesarea), ‘gurumelos’ (amanita ponderosa), ‘tentullos’ (boletus aereus) or ‘chantarelas’ (Cantarelus cibarius). They are used to make a wide variety of dishes from the local cuisine, such as scrambled eggs, soups, stews, grilled or battered mushrooms, in rice dishes, croquettes or even liqueurs. It is not surprising that every year it attracts more and more mushroom lovers, not only for the mushroom hunting but also for their tasting.

In autumn the chestnut season arrives, these are roasted or grilled, they are even used in sweet dishes such as chestnut stew. Other seasonal sweet dishes are also made in autumn, such as quince jelly, ‘casamientos’ (dried figs with nuts) and other popular delicacies.

For those who want to taste the gastronomy you have the ‘Ruta de la Tapa‘, carried out for a few years now, here you will be able to discover the flavours of Cortegana at the hands of a wide variety of local establishments.

As you can see, Cortegana will not disappoint food lovers. If you want to enjoy the local delights contact us to check the availability of our Superior Rural House.