Every year, at the beginning of August, Cortegana travels back in time to the Middle Ages thanks to the Medieval Festival of Cortegana, one of the biggest tourist and cultural events in Huelva. With more than 25 editions under its belt, this event has grown and evolved to be considered one of the best medieval festivals in Spain.

Cortegana becomes an authentic medieval village offering a great variety of activities for all kinds of people. Walking through its streets you will find theatrical performances, archery tournaments, street music, dance, exhibitions and magic shows. On the way up to Cortegana Castle, the greatest attraction of these days, we will go through the impressive medieval market with more than 200 craftsmen and merchants, diving into a sea of colours, smells and flavours.

If you want to discover the Medieval Festival of Cortegana, enjoy the atmosphere and the gastronomy you can contact us to check the availability of our Superior Rural House, Prince of Cortegana.