A route surrounded by nature, history and unrepeatable landscapes. This circular trail consists of two marked paths, PR-A-5 and SL-A-127.

This route begins on the marked path that connects Cortegana with Almonaster la Real through Las Veredas and El Cincho. The predominant flora of this area are the cork oaks and holm oaks, we can also find ashes and willows next to the riverbeds. It is easy to spot birds such as tits, eagles and the kestrel, and mammals such as the wild boar, the common mongoose and the polecat.

The route begins in the alley La Gitanesca, next to the Plaza de Toros. We begin a short climb that takes us to a viewpoint from which we can contemplate beautiful views of Cortegana and the mountains. The route continues along a path with walls on the left and a mass of vegetation on the right until it ends in a meadow of cork and holm oaks. We continue until the village of “El Concho”, where there are only a few houses left which are dedicated to pens and farm tools storage. Then, we go down a track to the H-1121 road, which we cross to enter the district of “El Acebuche”. We cross the stream and enter the streets of the town which we will leave, going down a gentle slope to cross the railway tracks.

As we carry on along the path we will reach the lowest point of our journey, to turn towards the pathway ‘Veredas de Calabazares’, which are still cobbled in some sections. This path leads us to the H-8105 road, where a sign indicates the end of our path. From here we will only follow the road for one kilometre to the town of Almonster la Real.

From the town of Almonster la Real the second trail starts, Ascent to ‘Cerro San Cristobal’. When we reach a crossroads, we take the path on the left that leads to El Arrollo and Acebuche, until we reach El Cincho, where our circular route ends.


  • Approx. time: 4h 30min
  • Distance: 19km
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Info. detailed: Wikiloc